UPND Copperbelt women castigate hater Mumbi Phiri

Tuesday, 5th April 2016
Reaction to Mumbi Phiri’s remarks against President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri’s remarks yesterday on Joy FM that she loses her appetite whenever she hears the name Hakainde Hichilema show the level of intolerance, and even hatred, that the entire PF leadership harbours against fellow citizens who hold different political views.
It is shocking that the PF leadership are back with hate speech barely a week after the political parties Indaba that called for civil public discourse as a way of reducing and ending political violence.
Mumbi Phiri must know that Mr. Hichilema is not only the leader of one of the major opposition parties, but is also a family man with a wife and children.
It is clear by now that our colleagues in the PF no longer have campaign messages for the people.
They have now resorted to name calling and much worse in their quest for political survival, as opposed to articulating ideas and plans about how they hope to improve people’s lives. This is misguided and dangerous behaviour.
Hateful and derogatory remarks, libellous innuendos, and demeaning accusations against fellow citizens are being given air at the expense of discussion of priority areas such as healthcare provision and education, agriculture, job creation for youths, energy deficit, and the ever increasing high cost of living and other issues.
Even worse, President Edgar Lungu is entertaining such hatred in the country by failing to discipline those who voice them.
It is time the Zambian people judged for themselves who means well for this country. Is this the language of true political leadership?
It is hard to imagine that these are the same PF leaders who are daily proclaiming the word of God.
Faith Mushongo
UPND Copperbelt Women’s Chairperson

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