UPND demands a recount in Lusaka due to irregularities

We have formally requested a recount in Lusaka urban constituencies due to the high number of irregularities identified in the counting and transmission process. These abnormalities include the failure to provide polling agents with their copies of the Gen 12 form, leading to delays during which time our agents were subject to intimidation and in some cases illegal advance. We are now seeking this action through the courts.

There have also been a number of specific incidents in the District that have sparked allegation of manipulation, of which we have presented evidence to the Commission:

1. Our Lusaka mayoral candidate Dr. Maureen Mwanawasa uncovered a substantial discrepancy between the polling station totals and the constituency level result for Kanyama constituency of over 14,000 in favour of the PF.

2. Incidents in which PF supporters have been reported to arrive during the counting process and our agents were subject to intimidation, including at Kamwala basic school and Olympia school in Lusaka.

3. The identification of a higher number of votes tallied than registered voters.

4. The discovery of pre-marked ballot papers uncovered from a civilian van outside of ZAF HQ.

The evidence clearly shows that without this recount the election would be severely compromised and could result in a stolen election. We know the PF is seeking to ensure a re-run situation at this point, but the will of the Zambian people must prevail.

Stephen Katuka

UPND Secretary General

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