UPND demands financial audit of KCM

UPND demands financial  audit of KCM


We note with deep shock and disappointment over the looting at KCM. The mines are national assets and therefore all those responsible for the looting at KCM should immediately be made to account for their actions. On behalf of the Zambian people, as UPND we demand for an independent financial forensic audit of KCM. We are now vindicated why we are opposed to this PF Regime taking over the assets of Mopani Copper Mines. It’s like stealing is the main reason for taking over the mines. We further demand that the audit report be made public immediately it’s ready. It’s very inhuman for PF to continue paying the hard working Miners, Contractors and Suppliers peanuts when huge sums of money remain unaccounted for.

For a long time miners under KCM have had no meaningful increment to cushion them from the impact of high cost of living under the PF regime. Miners, Contractors and Suppliers are struggling to make ends meets and yet this PF Regime is busy stealing from their sweat. The risks that Miners, Contractors and Supplier under take to sustain KCM are so huge for PF to continue treating them like slaves. It’s inhuman to subject miners to slave conditions while their sweat is ending up in few individual pockets.

It’s now clear why PF continues grabbing mines from investors, because they want to turn them into personal properties. With the happenings at KCM, we wonder if at all there is any money to recapitalize the mine. The implication of this looting is that when the mine is finally sold, (depending on the outcome of the case), it will once again be sold for a song. Why is PF after destroying everything in this Country? The position that Zambia once held as the second largest copper producing country in World is slowly being reversed. If PF is allowed to continue for the next five years, Zambia will be shell of itself.

Once again, we appeal to powers that be to protect the interest of the Zambian people by bringing to an end the rot that is taking place at KCM. We will not allow PF to run down the mining industry. The mining industry still remains the Country’s top foreign exchange earner.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter

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