UPND demands recalling of Mwamba and Mukwita from Diplomatic service

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has demanded the recalling of all Diplomats engaging in partisan politics.
UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma said in a statement that unethical behaviour by President Lungu and the PF continues as they have now brought two serving diplomats who sit on government payroll to lead up their party political media team following the ‘sidelining’ of Frank Bwalya.
Kakoma reminded President Lungu of the stance he had taken on the importance of a professional and unbiased civil service just weeks ago.
‘This move suggests a reversal in his position of not allowing civil servants to engage in partisan politics, as such it is the latest example of President Lungu’s preference for inconsistency and inability to make clear decisions and stick to them,’ Kakoma observed.
He charged that such visionless and confused leadership is serving to provoke lawlessness in the country and must come to an end adding that the country needs leaders who lead by example in words and action.
Kakoma pointed out that President Lungu was fully aware that Zambian Diplomats Emanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita are back in the country and busy engaging themselves in partisan local politics.
He noted that Mwamba has been on Muvi TV and various radio stations where he is openly campaigning for the PF yet there was no announcement detailing his resignation or dismissal from his diplomatic mission.
Kakoma stressed that it was a widely held and respected requirement internationally that diplomats cannot engage in partisan politics, either of their accredited countries or of their home country.
He said the action by Mwamba and Mukwita of abandoning their offices and duties to engage in partisan politics when they were civil servants on payroll was an abuse of office that should be punished by the authorities.
Kakoma further charged that the two diplomats have crossed the line and are now serving as PF cadres and as such should be recalled immediately as they obviously do not understand their roles as ‘diplomats.’

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