UPND describes the doom under MMD

By Chali Mulenga
The United Party for National Development (UPND) says the
country is doomed under the rule of the Movement for Multi party
Democracy (MMD)

The party said the doom could be seen by the economical as all the
factors that were fueling the growth were diminishing

Speaking in an interview in Livingstone, UPND Deputy Spokesperson
Cornelius Mweetwa said there was no hope for people in this country as
the cost of living was going higher every day.

“The cost of fuel is going up, inflation is going high as well and
sadly the exchange rate is not stable”, he said and adding that “the
purchasing power is diminishing every day and there are no jobs in the

He further revealed that the problem had been compounded by the lack
of government innovativeness to help the locals to invest in the

Mweetwa said it was unfortunate that before people could invest their
money into businesses, government would have already taxed them.

He said it was sad the government was favoring foreign investors by
the expensive of local investors

Mweetwa urged people stand up against the MMD in next election as it
had its time of 20 years by 2011

The deputy spokesperson accused the MMD of sponsoring small political
parties to further split the opposition like the formation of Alliance
Development and Democracy (ADD)

He observed that the PF/ UPND pact was only formidable force that
could unseat the MMD in the next election and not worried with the
formation of ADD as it was purely MMD

Mweetwa said MMD was busy funding the small political parties so that
people could later see that party had support from other parties
whilst it was not the case.

He alleged that noted ADD president Charles Milupi has always been MMD
as he initially wanted to stand on the MMD ticket and they did not
adopt him then he went independent

Mweetwa said despite it being a constitutional right for Milupi to
form another political party, it was not realistic for him to create a
by election when civil servants had not been paid their salaries.

He said it would have been wise for Milupi to have waited for
parliament to be dissolved than create unnecessary by election, and
then re contest

He said “The creation of this by election is untotally unacceptable
and this shows that Milupi has no regard at the amount of money that
would be wasted by this by election he has created especially if he
wins it would make no difference”

He said he should have given chance to other people in his party to
contest the parliamentary seat

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