UPND donates water to UTH, as Sata rushes there to save face

The opposition UPND members are this afternoon delivering large quantities of 20 litres of mineral water containers for drinking as well as drums of tap water to the country’s largest referral hospital UTH.

Earlier, president MIchael Sata made an unannounced visit to UTH upon getting intelligence reports that opposition UPND would be making a donation of water to the nation’s largest hospital.

Sources said the president was tipped about the potentially embarrassing situation and quickly left some visitors at State House to have an on-the spot check to the surprise of hospital management and staff.

The gesture by the opposition party follows reports of the critical water shortage at the health institution where some critical medical operations have been suspended due to lack of water.

Sources in the party have said that they have physically checked the institution, especially the maternity wing where mothers giving birth are sometimes lying in pool of blood.

The members that will be led by Deputy party spokespern, Edwin Lifwekelo, said their gesture should in no way be politicised and have called on other Zambian individuals and institutions help the sick at the country’s largest hospital.

The members said they felt greatly touched with the critical water situation at the hospital, especially that they also sick relatives at the institution.

They have further urged authorities, especially the Disaster Management at the Office the Vice-president and Ministry of Health to quickly come up a long-last solution to the water situation at the hospital.

The party said it can only be those who don’t mean and have no heart for the people that can want to politicise such an unfortunate situation.

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