UPND embarks on countrywide campaign rallies

Opposition UPND has announced its intention to embark on countrywide campaign rallies starting from June next month.

UPND deputy secretary Kuchunga Simusamba announced that the campaign rallies which were suspended due to rain season will start with the one to be held in Mandevu Constituency at Mutembe grounds in Lusaka on 8th June 2014.

Mr. Simusamba revealed that police have already been notified of party’s intentions to hold rallies countrywide till the next rain season.

“Yes we are embarking on campaign rallies and continued party mobilisation in all parts of the country before the commencement of another rain season. We want to interact with our old and new members.

We also want to tell Zambians what UPND will do when in office in 2016 as they have high expectations,” Mr. Simusamba disclosed.

He added that he does not expect professional law enforcement agencies in various parts of the country to give his party any problems regarding holding meetings.

“I know in the past there may have been some misunderstanding regarding the implementation of the archaic Public Order Act. But I think Police officers now know that according to the law, we just merely inform them and not seek for permission. I am sure they will come to protect all peace-loving Zambians that we are sure will come in large numbers for our meetings,” he said.

“We know someone correctly called his MPs useless, ministers useless and vupuba (fools) and we hear now he wants to extent the same by calling our men and women in uniform as shabby looking. We don’t agree with that. For us we are dealing with smart, beautiful and handsome men and women in uniform and so we don’t expect trouble from them. In fact, we look forward to making them even more smarter after 2016,” Simusamba said.

Mr. Simusamba said holding of peaceful meetings was not only a democratic right, but also constitutionally guarantee.
He added that UPND was a very peaceful party that respects the country’s laws and that he does not expect disturbances from anyone during the meetings.

“We have had peaceful and very successful meetings in the past, and we now invite all well-meaning Zambians that want to hear our message for the country to turn-up in numbers,” he said.

He also requested for contributions from any well-meaning Zambians towards the successful mobilisation and holding of these meetings.

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