UPND foot soldiers watch as PF enjoys

UPND foot soldiers watch as PF enjoys


It is PF enjoying and holding on to government positions while UPND foot soldiers are ku wire, being told to be patient.

Starting today, the Watchdog will carry stories of UPND fighters who put their lives in danger, were brutalised by PF, detained by PF police , forced to go into exile by PF. Today these same PF officials are the darlings of the UPND government.

Let’s start with Brian MWIINGA and Fredrick Misebenzi; two key members of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s campaign team on media side.

In these photos, Mwiinga and Misebezi in hospital at various times after being hacked and beaten by PF thugs. By the way government hospitals were refusing to treat these boys but instead some private hospitals attended to them at the risky of being deregistered by PF.

In other photos, the two young journalists being bundled and stepped on by police while being taken to jail.

All these operations were funded and supervised by State House staff like Andrew Chellah who are still working at State House .

Send us the story of how you suffered to protect UPND using WhatsApp line provided.

Jack Mwimbu was never beaten, arrested or forced to leave his country so we understand where he is coming from.

It’s now PF cadres who endorse and support all UPND decisions obviously for their own interests.
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FINALLY we shall te you about the Zambia Watcdog story. (But maybe that will be a book).

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