UPND has no quarrel with Chitimukulu

UPND has no quarrel with Chitimukulu


As Provincial Chairman for UPND in Northern Province Iam appalled at how some people can be so desperate as to drive a wedge between our Supreme Bemba Chief and the leader of UPND PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema whom Iam privileged to have come to know as a humble person and a gentleman too, whom I can vouch for and doubt whether he’s even capable of uttering such abominable words from his mouth.

As Chairman of the Province under him , if that was the official position of the Party, I would be the first one to oppose that detestable stance but In all fairness I verily believe that HH cannot adopt such a stance , far from it

Let me assure the Paramount Chief MWINE LUBEMBA that as his sons and daughters in UPND we’ll continue to accord that which is due to him and enjoy our cordial relationship with him especially in my case which I value so much….for me Iam like a son to him and he knows I cannot succumb to such abomination.

Hakainde Hichilema is his subject and son whom I believe has no issues to settle with him as was the case when he rose to the occasion during the time he was blocked from ascending to the throne.He made sure he marshalled enough support among the UPND Mps and the general membership to oppose what the MWINE LUBEMBA was subjected to until under pressure the power that posed a threat to the Paramount Chieftainship succumbed and he eventually ascended to the throne to which HH can claim a stake for having put up a vigorous campaign to achieve and that is still the position.

He holds him in high esteem and he’s confided in me as such…..Nothing has changed and nobody should even contemplate doing that which is retrogressive…I stand to be the witness.

Let me also take this opportunity to advise my fellow citizens to be level headed as they comment on this issue which they don’t even understand its genesis.

Nathan Ilunga
UPND Chairman
Northern Province.

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