UPND holds larger than life rally in Chawama

UPND holds larger than life rally in Chawama

UPND rally in Chawana today and covered by international media, some using drones.

After the rally, UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema had this to say:

The energy and warmth in Chawama today was inspirational. That our supporters turned out in such numbers despite the events of 8th July, when police shot and fatally wounded one of supporters, is a sign of their strong resolve to vote PF out on 11th August 2016.

Mapenzi Chibulo was missed at our rally today. Each and every member of the UPND family matters, and each and every Zambian matters because we are One Zambia One Nation. We continue to call for justice and pray for her family.

Peace and unity was our appeal. As a party we are proud to embrace the diversity within our membership, but there is more that unites than divides us as a nation. We continue to grow the UPND family and remind people that there is no upper limit on membership. Every Zambian has something to contribute to the development of our nation.

We reassured our supporters that the UPND has a plan to protect the vote on 11th August but that we are calling for massive turnout so we can ensure a first round victory. We also encouraged them to continue to spread the word about Operation Watermelon so that those who are afraid to wear UPND regalia know that regardless of what they wear for the next 20 days their vote will always be their choice.

We asked voters not to be fooled by pre-election give-aways. The PF has shown it only wakes up for election time and then it will go back to sleep. While they sleep our people suffer unheard, our families are unprotected from violent thugs and corruption weaves its evil web around state institutions.

The PF is running scared because they can feel the winds of change blowing across the country. They have broken the economy – look at the cost of mealie meal; they have broken education – look how our universities are closing; and they have broken employment – look at the job losses in the last year. The cost of President Lungu’s government has been high for the Zambian people and at the end of it the only ones with more money in their pockets are Lungu and his friends.

Vote for UPND on 11th August and we will deliver our 10 Point Plan. Vote for a President with vision, a President who knows farming, a President who knows how to create jobs and a President who values education above all things. There is no time for reverse gear because we ready to move Zambia forward.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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