UPND horrified at ministry of health financial scams

UPND horrified at ministry of health financial scams


7 January 2021
President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND leadership, are horrified at the open season, unrelentless culture of state sponsored grand corruption which continues to destroy the lives of ordinary people.
We note with grave concern revelations from the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, where the Ministry of Health under Dr. Chitalu Chilufya:
1. Failed to account for over $3m in expenditure
2. Used party affiliated surrogates and individuals to divert $17m out of public coffers into Patriotic Front (PF) party operations using Honey Bee Pharmacy.
This is $20m of public money stolen under the watch of President Edgar Lungu and the Minister for Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya for the benefit of the PF regime.
Zambians are reminded that the PF, as a political party, has been the ultimate beneficiary of all the economic crimes committed by government principal officers and surrogates, because all the proceeds of crimes end up in PF party operations.
We saw this with the $42m Firetender scam where known government officials facilitated the theft of public money using a company belonging to known surrogates and sponsors of the Patriotic Front (PF).
Zambians are also reminded, that theft of Mukula revenues in excess of $3bn was orchestrated by PF government ministers for the benefit of the PF.
It is also the PF as a party, that received a K10m kickback payment for the award of public contracts.
Therefore, these corruption schemes are firmly aimed at consolidating the PF stay in power, even if it means sacrificing the quality of public health for our people.
And some of the key areas of inquiry we had always proposed concerning the calculated award of the $17m contract to Honeybee where that:
1. How a Non PACRA registered entity was awarded tender to supply
2. How an entity that had failed 20 requisite inspections by ZAMRA was awarded a wholesale pharmaceutical License
3. How, even after preliminary reports of impropriety in the award of this contract, how Ministry of Health was allowed to proceed with this contract
4. What quality assurance inspections were undertaken before the drugs and condoms could be issued and circulated to the public
Countrymen and women, it is clear, from the reluctance of President Edgar Lungu to discipline Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and all the line ministry officers who have participated in the premeditated destruction of our public health services through theft, plunder and grand corruption; that all this is intended to benefit President Lungu and the PF as they seek to firm up on their protracted stay in power.
We call upon President Lungu to relieve Dr. Chitalu Chilufya of his duties and further commission a clean up exercise at the Ministry of Health as a commitment to the Zambian people that he will not standby and watch while the lives of ordinary people are placed into peril at the hands of erring public officials.
Zambians are, however, reminded and urged, that the ultimate clean up exercise can and should only be conducted by ourselves at the ballot during the August 2021 general election.
Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson

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  • comment-avatar
    We hv thieves amongst us 2 weeks ago

    If u are from North/East like me, u need to think seriously about the PF thieving schemes which hv destroyed our once vibrand economy! The best President will always come from marginalised tribes ie LPM

  • comment-avatar
    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    Some of these genetically thieving tribes should never be allowed into corridors of power – EVER!