UPND insists on presidential petition

The only way for the PF to legitimise their stay in government is to allow the UPND presidential petition to be heard in court.

This is what State House Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda, and all other PF members need to understand. As far as we are concerned the due process of the law was not applied when installing Edgar Lungu as president of Zambia.

We fully understand the situation that Amos Chanda goes through being forced to defend Mr. Edgar Lungu who seems to have no voice of his own.

But then we also fully understand the situation Lungu himself is going through of having forced his way into State House against anyway near what can be regarded as a free, fair, transparent and credible electoral process that was mismanaged by his PF leadership in collusion with the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the compromised judicial system.

Again this is the problem with a leadership that spends most of the times globetrotting around the world using taxpayers money to a point where they lose track of what is happening on the ground.

The hallucinations by Amos Chanda and his boss Edgar Lungu that they won the August 2016 elections in so many provinces as opposed to this and that is just a mere continued attempt to legitimise a clearly fraudulent process which is still under dispute in the courts of laws.

Any thief always tries to legitimise the ill-gotten items even when caught red handed

By now, Amos Chanda and his boss Lungu ought to have known that there was no basis on which they were declared the winners of the elections as the discredited electoral commission deliberately did not provide vital primary source documents which are the G12s, especially in Lusaka and Copperbelt as required by law.

If Amos Chanda and his boss Edgar Lungu are convinced they won the elections, it is very easy for them to make closure to this debate by just allowing the courts they control to hear the bundle of evidence of massive electoral irregularities which we keep collecting even upto now.

And there is no amount of sugar-coated statements and intimidation that will fully resolve this issue without being heard.

Amos Chanda and his boss are currently in State House on account of the discredited electoral commission and the three compromised Constitutional Court judges who behaved very strangely. In a manner completely unprecedented even by junior law students.

Amos Chanda and his boss Edgar Lungu must even be ashamed to pride themselves of being victorious after such a discredited electoral process that was marred by state sponsored violence leading to a number of our members being killed, maimed, and many others detained on tramped up charges.

But we understand we are dealing with shameless characters who can one minute openly say they have corrupt individuals in their regime and later start defending the corrupt maizegate scandal involving their relatives.

Please let the country know what really transpired before, during, and after the August 2016 elections by allowing the UPND petition to be heard.

Steven Katuka

UPND Secretary General

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