UPND insists on Appealing as MMD prepares for bye-elections

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has welcomed the decision by Speaker of the National Assembly Amusaa Mwanamwamba to declare Mporokoso Parliamentary seat vacant.

MMD Acting National Secretary Chembe Nyangu said the ruling party was also ready for the by-election in Mufumbwe that might arise after the Lusaka High Court threw out an appeal against its ruling nullifying the election of Elliot Kamondo as area Member of Parliament.

Mr. Nyangu said the party was prepared to go into the constituencies to defend and win back the parliamentary seats.

He said the party would soon start the process of identifying potential candidates to stand on its ticket in the by-election in Mporokoso , Northern Province while it would wait for a go ahead to identify a credible candidate for the Mufumbwe seat in North western Province.

Mr. Nyangu said this in a telephone interview with ZANIS from Mongu, Western Province .

He said the party had gone back to the drawing board and had embarked on a membership mobilisation drive at grassroots.

And Mr. Nyangu said his party would focus on issue based campaigns and avoid personal and violent campaigns.

Meanwhile, UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma has said his party would appeal against the Lusaka High Court’s decision to throw out an appeal filed by Mr. Kamondo.

Mr. Kakoma said the party was shocked and disappointed by the court’s decision but would continue fighting up to the Supreme Court.

He said it was the constitutional right of every person to appeal against any judgment.

Mr. Kakoma also stated that the party would confer with Patriotic Front to decide on the Mporokoso seat.

The Mporokoso seat fell vacant after the resignation of Maynard Misapa from the ruling MMD to join the opposition PF.

The Mufumbwe seat has not yet been declared vacant after the Lusaka High Court threw out an appeal against its ruling.


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