UPND is dysfunctional

UPND is dysfunctional


All things being equal, and with current unfolding of events, politically and economically, It’s really unacceptable for UPND to be losing elections to PF, especially in a place like Kafue where the seat was previously held by UPND.

It’s very uninspiring, demoralizing and sends wrong signals to millions of Zambians who believe in the UPND and those that are considering giving them a try this time around.

What is even more discouraging and demanding honest answers is that just three years ago, the people of Kafue overwhelmingly voted for UPND. Why have they decided to withdraw their vote and give it to PF?

Of course we can’t ignore the advantages the PF enjoys as a ruling party, kasaka ka ndalama and other sins of incumbency, but that is no excuse. These claims of vote stealing everytime UPND loses elections is not politically sexy at all. In fact, it doesn’t help the UPND cause at all, except to give an impression to voters that the party is nothing but a cry baby political formation too incompetent to protect its own votes.

What the UPND needs, more than anything else, is to hold the bull by it’s horns, look through the eye of a needle, honestly review it’s political strategies and tactics and come up with what is to be done to get the party into government.

It’s time to abandon these rigging excuses and face reality. Generally, UPND has very poor political tactics and strategies. As a political formation, they have two products to sell to the Zambian voters; firstly, the brand UPND and secondly, the President, HH, both very good and sellable products. But they have lamentable failed to package, brand and sell these two very good products.

UPND Media Team is basically invisible and very casual in approach. The UPND Elections team is basic in everything, no proper intelligence to swing things. The mobilisation team is dysfunctional. No presence where elections are won – in sections and wards.

Now, because the media team, elections team, mobilisation team, womens team and the youth team are all dysfunctional, the party is even failing to convert the prevailing anger against the PF into UPND votes. Despite the country being in a mess, people going through hard times, conducive environment to convert and inspire the people, the UPND is losing elections.

Perhaps they need to learn one or two things from the PF election machinery. The PF Media team is lethal and aggressive. Forever alert, they don’t play. They are always on top of things, dealing with issues and perceptions as they arise. Look at how they branded a very unsellable Edgar Lungu in 2015 elections. A nobody and unknown, with no meaningful vision. In fact while others were campaigning PF was in deep divisive internal battles. But with just a month before the voting day, the PF election machinery quickly packaged and branded President Lungu and aggresively sold him to the voters as a humble, God fearing man who ba Sata left for the people of Zambia. And the people happily bought the story.

Whether the people were sold an orange or a lemon is a story for another day.

But UPND desperately needs to up its political tactics and strategies, and the time is now, not tomorrow, otherwise they are risking the future. They should not think that just because ba PF are messing up on a number of things, by default, people who will vote for UPND.

Why didn’t those 58 UPND members of parliament each man a polling station and protect both the vote and voters? Are these members of parliament also corrupt like the PF? Where are those UPND NMC members who are always clamouring around the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema?

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