UPND is not serious

Dear Editor,
Please allow me space to respond to UPND General Secretary’s note on your site on this matter.
In my article which appeared under Editors Choice -” SHOCKING – PF IS RIGGING THE ELECTIONS & HH CALLING FOR CALM” I did raise all these issues that he raises.
We are now 36 days from election date and UPND are telling us that following the Post’s revelations today, they now know without a doubt that there are foreign voters on the register and they are calling for ECZ to clean up the register???? Seriously??? He has also indicated that they have met ECZ several times over this issue and have made no progress…He has then called on diplomats, the church etc etc to intervene and adds to say….’ National Registration must take urgent and comprehensive action to rid the Register of Voters of these distortions, or face the prospect of highly dubious elections on 11th August, the outcome of which will be disputed on the basis of these same unreliable documents”….That is a BIG joke by UPND and if this is the way they plan to handle Lungu and his determined PF riggers, then they can as well quit now and forget about this election.
Of course that is the expected outcome that PF is working on…Of course, they know the results will be disputed but they have put in place the court machinery to counter that and will swear in Lungu as President as UPND continues to morn and will unleash police and soldiers on them. The diplomats that you want to rely on will be evacuated by their governments and will not be there to help.
Deal with these Issues NOW!!!! Listen to what we are telling you and DONT go to polls with these irregularities unless you have a robust remedy – of course not the courts!!!
HH needs to know this…. If he lets this to go on and PF steal the vote next month, this will be the END of his political career and the majority people supporting him will NEVER forgive him and will be forever upset with him and will NEVER take him seriously EVER again…..
Concerned Citizen

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