UPND launches fundraising campaign

The UPND today launched a widespread fundraising campaign in an effort to raise the resources required to win next year’s Presidential election.

In an appeal to Zambians, both in the country and around the world, Hakainde Hichilema, asked party supporters to “donate what they can so that the UPND can save Zambia from bankruptcy following the economic damage done under the PF leadership.”

In a personal letter to supporters, HH says:

“From my extensive tours around all corners of our beloved country, I know only too well the increasing concern that you all have over the alarming state of our economy and the lack of vision from our President to solve the problems we face.

The damage the PF have caused is visible everywhere: no jobs, electricity blackouts and the rising cost of living. They promised us so much but have fallen so short.

It’s time for change. The UPND will do their bit; we have the vision, the drive and the expertise to get our country back on track, but we need your help to turn Zambia into the country we know it should be.

In January’s Presidential by-election the PF massively outspent us, with widespread speculation that state resources were being abused for the benefit of their campaign, as has also been alleged now. Despite this, we still almost won the election even with the limited resources we had available.

We now need your help to stop the PF from bankrupting our beloved Zambia, not just for our generation, but for our children’s generation too. That is the risk we face by leaving them in power.

We can stop this. Please give what you can confidentially through our website www.hh-zambia.com and let’s move Zambia forward together.”

The public letter has been published on HH’s website and is thought to have been sent directly to thousands of Zambians. In a move that replicates the strategy behind Barack Obama’s and Muhammadu Buhari’s hugely successful fundraising campaigns, the UPND team are targeting smaller donations from a much larger number of people, rather than relying upon a few larger donors.

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