UPND launches fundraising to bring body of deceased Zambian student from Czech Republic

The opposition UPND are mobilizing resources from well-wishers to bring the remains of Sikwebela Malitela, a Zambian student who died in Czech republic.

So far Zambians abroad and those based in that country have launched a fundraising campaign to assist the family with the repatriation of their relative’s remains from that country to Mongu, his proposed final resting.

A statement from the Friends of UPND says “as part of our civic responsibility, we would like to ask those that are able to contribute to this honourable cause to do so.

For purposes of coordination all monies should be deposited in our special account Name: UPND; Bank Name: Zanaco; Account Number 0750440000003180.

Be kind enough to let us know when you have deposited the money. We shall give ourselves until end of Tuesday at which point we shall inform you of funds raised for the cause”, a statement read.

So far, the PF government have refused to commit government money to assist the family in bringing the remains of the student claiming he was there on his own accord.

Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda said Government would not take responsibility of bring the remains back home.

Sikwebela Malitela a Zambian resident in the Czech Republic was found dead and his body floating in a river.

Mr. Lubinda told parliament that Malitela whose body was discovered with a bag of stones strapped around it was in the Czech Republic on his own accord.

Mr Lubinda said that government had made it clear to the family that it will not take responsibility to transport his remains back.

He explained that Malitela went to the Czech republican in 2005 on a scholarship which was later withdrawn.


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