UPND lawyers withdraw from Constitutional Court

UPND lawyers withdraw from Constitutional Court

All the lawyers representing the UPND have withdrawn from the presidential petition  after the judges frustrated every effort they made to present their case.

It started when John Sangwa asked to leave the court saying he could not be able to defend the constitution. This is due to the way proceedings have been conducted. Musa Mwenye also applying to leave court. He says he is unable to discharge his duties as counsel for petitioner.

They were given only 2 hours to present their petition and present all witnesses.

John Sangwa then walked out of court followed by  Musa Mwenye.

Jack Mwiimbu and Nelly Mutti followed suit and walked out of Court after John Sangwa and Musa Mwenya.

Thereafter mrs Mushota left followed by Martha Mushipe, but of course Mushipe shouted at one of the judges.

Earlier, the shameful Court refused to allow the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to join the proceedings as Friends of the Court. Furthermore, the PF Court has refused to allow UPND to present a new list witness as it is beyond the time that the court gave and Finally, the court  ruled that UPND can not amend the petition.
Honestly is this a court or PF toilet?

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