UPND member murdered in Ndola

UPND member murdered in Ndola

  1. •••••After murdering the UPND member, PF thugs wrapped him in the PF regalia to disguise him as a PF Member. That’s how the police have now twisted the story.


Lawrence Mwanza
Copperbelt Provincial

A United Party for National Development (UPND)member has killed in Ndola District.
The District leadership is shocked to learn of the death of our identified member who was murdered by known PF cadres in Ndola’sTwapia area during the weekend.
We are however very disappointed to hear how both the PF and Zambia Police have decided to twist the truth by claiming that the deceased is a PF member when in fact not.

What transpired is that a group of boys comprising both PF and UPND members were drinking beer together when an argument started amongst the PF members. In the course of the argument,a fight started and it was the UPND member who tried to rescue the person who was being beaten in the fiasco and who eventually managed to run away.
To the surprise of the onlookers, the same man who had run for his life, came back with a knife which he then used to stab the UPND member in the neck. Our member became unconscious and was rushed to the nearest police station where he died.

We are therefore very disappointed to hear both the Copperbelt Police Commissioner and the PF Ndola District Chairperson misinforming the Nation, accusing UPND who are the victim, to be murderers. We challenge the PF to name their member who was killed and show the nation where the funeral is being held. Most importantly, the Police Command must always take time to investigate cases before issuing statements without facts. We are also officially inviting the Police Commissioner to attend the burial of our slane member which will take place on Wednesday, 9th June, 2021 so that the record is set straight.

This unfortunate incident which resulted is very saddening in that a life has been lost.

By now and under normal circumstances,the PF Ndola District Chairperson and the Copperbelt Police Commissioner should have issued a public statement regretting this development and setting the record straight.

Issued by//

Mr. Joseph Phiri
Ndola District


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    How is it possible that u p n d always manages to capture their victims on camera before they are slain afterwards??? Like always? Obviously someone picks them out and targets them. The trick is to “Kill one of our own and make it seem to the other people like our enemies did it”… so barbaric and ancient as if it’s King Shaka’s era. The face of politics changed ever since you came on board. 

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      THE WATCHMAN 1 week ago

      Mr Ezra,
      Please stop trifling with people’s minds. Which planet are you at that you don’t know that people share images as need arises. Your lines of thought are so off tangent!!!!! Please just condemn this barbaric act of killing a human being for political or whatever other reasons…

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    It is time to take back our country from PF thugs. Under Edgar Lungu’s lack of leadership there been so much so much bloodshed in Zambia.Many Innocent Zambians have been brutally Murdered under Lungu’s watch. It was never like that before . It all started when Lungu came into Power. Enough is Enough. We the people have the power to put a stop to the violence that has Ravaged Zambia. We must vote PF out of office. It is time for change. We deserve a better Zambia.Together we can make the change.

    May the murdered victim RIP.

  • comment-avatar
    Mercury 2 weeks ago

    Where to Zambia. Police issue statements before investigating…am sure others were already drafting arrest warrants. There is a fool called K@ was so excited that HH will be arrested soon due to this. So Zambia has no brave police, ECZ or normal PF members! 

    Death of the Republic! Stop THIRD TERM.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    A Zambian is a Zambian regardless of political affiliation. Somebody has been murdered and these idiots want to talk about which political party the victim belonged to instead of finding the killers(s). PFuck the PFolice!

  • comment-avatar
    Njnji 2 weeks ago

    No one deserves to die because of poltics