UPND members being flashed out of markets and bus stops by PF supporters

PF members have continued beating and flashing-out suspected UPND members from bus stops and markets in various parts of the country.

In Lusaka, UPND members that own mini-buses have so far been unable to load buses at Kulima Tower, Lumumba Bus stop, Inter-City, and Soweto Bus stops since Edgar Lungu was declared winner of elections.

Suspected UPND Markeeters at Buseko, Soweto, Town Centre in Lusaka are all losing their shops and merchandise as they have been told to go and trade in UPND markets.

The situation is similar in other parts of the country where people are now being beaten and denied trading spaces for belonging to the opposition UPND.

Some are merely particularly being targeted because of their names from particular regions that are accused of having voted for the UPND.

They are openly being called dogs in the trading areas and have all been told to renounce their party for them to trade.


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