UPND MP Hamududu tells off Kabimba for calling Southerners as fools

PF Secretary general Wynter Kabimba has said Southerners are politically dull because of alienating themselves from the ruling PF, but Bweengwa constituency UPND MP Highvie Hamududu says Kabimba and his geriatric political imbecile Daniel Munkombwe are political dwarfs whose livelihood depends on political appointments.

During his trip to southern province to propel his campaign for the PF presidency in the event of Sata dying, Kabimba said it was not wise for the Southerners to remain glued to the opposition UPND because it would not be easy for the government to deliver development projects in the province.

In his ranting in the past Kabimba has called UPND a tribalist party and accused the Tonga people of Southern province as being tribalists also. However these are Kabimba’s desperate cries because when his own party cadres demanded his removal, he labeled the PF as the most tribal and indisciplined party.

Hamududu said Kabimba and Munkombwe did not have any constituencies they represented and their hold on to their positions depended on singing praises for the appointing authority, Michael Sata because whoever sings and shouts the loudest qualified to be appointed as minister in the PF government. He also urged Munkombwe to behave like a statesman and not like Kabimba who was a loner in the PF.

The Bweengwa legislator wondered why Kabimba has rushed into campaigns even before the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) have announced the date of elections. He challenged him to explain which by election he had foreseen which many other citizens can’t see.

“Kabimba has launched the 2016 general elections campaign, he has been going round the country campaigning and asking party officials to start looking for candidates for 2016. Is there anything Kabimba is seeing which we have not seen?” he asked.

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