UPND MP Monde caught parading defectors from his party to PF

UPND MP Monde caught parading defectors from his party to PF

Itezhi Tezhi UPND MP Greyford Monde who is one of the many deputy ministers of Agriculture was yesterday caught in the company of Gender Minister Inonge Wina faking and parading defectors from his party the UPND to the PF in the area.

Mr. Monde was recently expelled from the UPND after he started destabilising the party that sent him to parliament, but contested his expulsion in the courts of law and still wanting cling on to the organisation whose ideals he no longer believes.

High Court Judge Hamaundu recently upheld Monde’s expulsion from the UPND saying there was no way he could continue clinging to an organisation whose ideals he no longer shares.

But like all greedy characters, Monde appealed his expulsion to the Supreme Court as he still wanted to maintain his seat and ministerial position despite de-campaigning against his party the UPND in the area.

Speaking on behalf of the UPND and MMD defectors, Maxwell Simujika said the people of Mbila want development hence their decision to dump UPND for PF.

He said for a long time the people of Mbila have been supporting the opposition resulting in the area being under developed.

Simjuika said the residents of Mbila have made up their minds and wants to work with PF in developing the area.

And Chief Sheezongo praised the fake defectors for choosing to work with the government an effort to open up the area for sustained development.

The traditional leader said Mbila was under developed because the people in his chiefdom were in a habit of supporting opposition political parties resulting in development by passing Mbila.

He implored the people of Mbila Ward to rally behind Mr. Monde and support him in bringing development to the area under PF.

Chief Sheezongo thanked President Sata for appointing Mr Monde in his government as deputy minister for agriculture and livestock.

Speaking at the same function PF National Women Chairperson Inonge Wina thanked the defectors for making a right decision to join PF.

Ms Wina who is also Gender and Child Development Minister castigated UPND leader for hidering his MPs from working with government.

She wonder how development can be brought to constituencies if opposition leaders are not allowing their MPs to interact with PF ministers.

The National Womens Chairperson said PF is ready to work with people who are development minded.

It so far not clear why Monde still wants to eat with both hands by clinging on to the UPND yet he keeps parading people as having resigned from his party to UPND.

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