UPND MPs demand release of HH

UPND MPs demand release of HH

As Members of Parliament, of the United Party for National Development, we are gravely concerned with the levels of abuse of our Party President Hakainde Hichilema by the Patriotic Front government and its agents during the process leading to his arrest and incarceration.

The behaviour and actions of the Patriotic Front government and its police are highly contemptuous to any civil mind.


1. Savage raiding of the residence of Hakainde Hichilema, a law abiding citizen and his family, damage of property, the toxic gassing of innocent families in the residence and shamefully looting of property, food and money from the house.

2. Continuous refusal by the police and state agents to allow President Hichilema access medical doctors and services despite his deteriorating health condition.

3. Denying his lawyers access to their client.

4. Denying him regular visitations by his immediate family including his son.

5. Continuous victimisation of President Hichilema’s family, friends, party members and associates

In view of the above and many other acts of abuse, we do hereby demand as follows:

President Hichilema be:

1. Allowed to receive visitors during the period he is incarcerated
2. Allowed access to his doctors and medical services failure to which they shall be held responsible for his latest state of health.
3. Allowed access to his lawyers and legal representation
4. Released immediately as the grounds for his continuous detention are baseless and merely victimisation of a law abiding citizen.

Issued by:

Brenda Tambatamba MP
Kasempa Constituency

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