UPND must chase Sata’s mai nini MPs

By Austin Mbozi

UPND must expel any MPs accepting jobs from Sata (as Sata’s junior wives or mai ninis) because:

1. It will weaken the opposition and the separation of powers.  The opposition MPs (parliamentarians) are already part of government. Sata’s executive is not everything but just one of three independent government institutions which also include the judiciary. The more MPs joining the executive, the more Sata’s selfish and illegal interests are protected.  The arguments that UPND will never rule  is based on ignorance. UPND MPs and councilors are  already ruling and also earning taxi paper’s money. So why take them from their already ruling role to another?

You UPND farming MPs look. Your role is that of sikuchaila basune (whipping and shouting  threats  at the oxen PF which are pulling  the plough). The PF executive are the basume (oxen). The judiciary is mwana wiinda kubela abasune (the boy walking in front directing the oxen). Now can anyone say you are not part of the chipani (operational system)?. Can the ploughing move on if you stop kuchaila and join the oxen in pulling the plough? Who will chaila you?  Just say the truth. You know that Sata is an old, tired and  finished musune who can only minimally move if you use a stronger chiswepu (whip) on him, including increasing his pain by putting mpilibili ( chili) on his soles for him to move, the way in 1992 our then Lands Minister Dawson Lupunga clobbered him.   And yet you want to stop kumuchaila? Just say it. Maybe because you have noticed that despite not pulling the plough, Sata’s nsefwa kumulomo (mouth guard which prevents oxen from eating maize as they pull the plough) is loosened and he is eating the maize which he is supposed to be cultivating. So you want to join him in eating our maize without nsefwa kumilomo such as a functioning ACC?   We are no fools. We,  the owners of the field,  will sort you out together with him.

We know from history. It is not only Stephen Masumba from MMD or Benny Tetamashimba from UPND.  Every appointed opposition MP finally joins the ruling party. Mwanawasa appointed Dipark Patel from opposition FDD and Gladys Nyirongo from Miyanda’s Heritage Party. Then? They both joined MMD.


2. More pro-PF MPs will increase Sata’s illegalities. You can not give more parliamentary power to a power abuser Sata.  Already PF MPs voted for Mutembo Nchito as DPP who is accused of forging a signature of a Judge, was being investigated for criminal charges over the Zambian Airways debt and is facing civil cases in court over the same debt. Sata appointed, tried to appoint or is keeping in government people facing various criminal cases or formally declared bankrupt ones like Panji Kaunda,   George Mpombo, Emmanual Mwamba ,  (tried to appoint) Xavier Chungu, Gabriel Namulambe, Stephen  Masumba, Winter Kabimba, Geoffrey Mwamba etc. Sata nominated 10 MPs instead of 8, is now illegally pressing for appointment of an over-aged Acting Chief Justice Chibesakunda etc.

He illegally took over RDA. But donors may not release to him the funds they have put into NRFA (National Road Fund Agency).  Without funding, NRFA may close. But since donors will not give their money without NRFA, Sata must finance our road sector with the borrowed Eurobond which we shall be later forced to repay, rather than just use free donor funds. Meanwhile he creates and recreates ministries, districts and various deputy ministries while creating bye-elections. All this is wasting taxi-paper’s cash.

Back Sata was always a confuser of things. In 1992, Sata as Local Government Minister sold an LCC council house to his father- in -law, directed LCC tankers to deliver water to his Sharry Hill house in Avondale during water shortages, diverted K60 million for LCC workers to his Merzaf housing project, diverted 1.6 billion workers’ salary cash in a fixed deposit account at Stanchart Bank. Even his awarding of the contract to Merzaf whose bid was K761 million itself was suspect. Why did Sata give Merzaf the contract when more experienced bidders like Minestone (bid 563 million) and Velo Enterprises (bid K625 million) bid with a less cash demand. (See various Weekly Post newspapers of March 1992).  And look at the poor quality of those Chilenje houses. The occupants are forced to re-do them! Sata is that chap who razed Kanyama houses, costing us the taxi payers millions kwacha to keep the occupants of razed houses at show grounds and then he failed to rebuild the houses.

Only an idiot MP can want to give more parliamentary voting power to such a man.

3. UPND MPs will not improve the MP executive. If anything their  role will even be weaker. They will be a minority in the PF cabinet and be out-voted. Yet they will be kept silent by the principles of collective responsibility. What power will Monde have as a fourth deputy minister of agriculture;  a mere  mai nini number four (fourth junior wife)  to Sata? As Tonga and Shona polygamists will tell you,  mai ninis are brought in to be used by ageing men in exchange for being fed, not to produce.  Which MMD MP appointed so far has real power?  My own Katuba area MP Chikusu (Sata’s mai nini at health ministry) has no power in the PFgovernment. Yet he tells lies to people of Katuba that he will serve them better if he works in PF.  Katuba is actually further abandoned. Some people are actually missing Jonas Shakafuswa. They say that even if he was not bringing development, at least he was socially connected with them and gave them false hopes.  A noise MP in the opposition can actually activate development in his area by embarrassing the government, than a passive opposition MP silenced by working under it.

In fact,  the fact that Sata can pick out a guy like Greyford Monde who already has nothing substantial to contribute shows he just wants to weaken UPND.   PF would benefit more from the likes of Cornelius Mweetwa, Gary Nkombo or Dauglous Siakalima. But these prefer to be mai gurus  (senior wives) of a real man like HH, not reducing themselves to being Sata’s mai ninis.



In reply to my last article against UPND’s 2011 Katuba MP candidate Jonas Shakafuswa for attributing Zambia’s 2012 AFCON soccer victory to Sata, Shakafuswa said The Post Newspaper quoted him out context and allowed me to publish his following sms:

Mr Mbozi, I don’t have anything personally against Sata. I don’t prescribe to you style of politic. You will be useful to society if you started knowing that u not the only clever person. Only insane people think that way.            I was elated when Sata beat Rupiah. And I attribute the win to him. No flattery at all. I live a principled life. I doubt your sanity. (Sent on  10/02/2013. 13:16:26)

He declined my insistence that to be fair to his right to reply he should write a full article to be published by the Watchdog.  You readers can judge me and him for yourselves.

Just to put in you in context, Shakafuswa   was my area MP (2001 to 2006 under UPND and 2006 to 2011 under MMD. Then he switched back and stood on UPND but lost). To him I like Odili Samasulu in Chinua Achebe’s book Man of the People. Shakafuswa was, somewhat, like Chief M.A Nanga, the Honorable MP.  In this book Odili, a fresh university graduate came from the same village and tribe as Chief Nanga.  Odili tried to convince the villagers that Chief Nanga was part of the inept and corrupt governments in Bori the capital city. But Chief Nanga was too charming, attractive and a handsome comedian for the villagers to get tired of praising him as he dished out his corruption loot to them.  The two took the battle to town, sometimes compromising and drinking beer together, only to resume fighting in politics and in the press.  But in all honestly, there are differences. Shakuswa is educated and urban unlike Nanga whom Odili called a ‘bushman’. And off course, I had no college girlfriend, Elsie, whom Nanga ( unlike Shakafuswa) grabbed from me when she visited us at him home during our friendly social errands. Nor did Shakafuswa had a would-be ‘parlor wife’ mai nini called, Edna Odo, who I decided also to grab from him to revenge his grabbing of my girlfriend!



4. It will increase Sata’s dictatorship.  Sata never allowed any of his MPs to serve in the MMD government. In fact due to is ignorance, he antagonized his Lusaka Mayor who was merely doing an official duty for receiving President Mwanawasa , and his ‘rebel’ MPs sitting in the NCC as required of them as MPs.  Now what has changed?  Sata never allowed elections against him within PF, refused TV presidential debates, allegedly abducted people, threatened journalists etc.


5. UPND will win the Itezhi Tezhi seat.

Actually this is good riddance. Although UPND may not be overwhelmingly strong in Livingstone and Mpongwe, Itezhi Tezhi will be a walk over. The Ila in that area are very aggressive and anti-nonsense. When each tribe is treated separately, the Ila is Zambia’s richest tribe in per capita terms. And they will tell you they can feed themselves even without a government because even the whites found them that way. In the 1880s, Lewanika stole 20,000 cattle from them. They are only 0.1 percent of Zambia’s population. But they are still the richest. Oh yes!  They cannot be bullied by Sata who has never herded cattle in the bush living on bwaanda; that rotten, ‘dried’ milk!   That is why the produce cheeky people in the likes Harry Nkumbula, Baldwin Mwanaakumabu  Nkumbula, Edward Mungoni Liso, Lumuzu Shimaponda, and Major Robby Chizyuka. Even HH, coming from near Bweengwa, is cheeky, and rightly so, because of their influence.   Sata may mess with Monde. But he will not mess with the people of Itezhi Tezhi.

So chase Monde and all his fellow Judas Iscariots his from UPND.

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