UPND neglects Bangweulu by-election


Barely a few days before the parliamentary by-election in Bangweulu, the main opposition UPND is barely visible in the constituency.

A check by the Watchdog in the vast rural constituency proved that the UPND is not taking the by-election seriously.

By 18 hours on Sunday August 2, 2015, the Watchdog team could not see even UPND campaign materials in the area.

UPND’s candidate Elias Muma seems to be labouring alone as he has no support from the party structures either in Luapuala or from Lusaka. Unless a miracle happens, the UPND is headed for embarrassment in Bangweulu.


Meanwhile the PF has been using government resources to send huge contingent of ministers and party cadres to campaign for the PF.

Vice President Inonge Wina had earlier spent two days in the area using government aeroplanes.

President Edgar Lungu was on Sunday campaigning in Bangweulu to campaign for his party.

It is not clear why the UPND has neglected such an important by election that could have given them an opportunity to sell their messages ahead of the general elections in 2016.

Most people spoken to in the constituency expressed dissatisfaction with the PF government and voter turn out is likely to be low, as people see no point in voting.

The PF candidate will be declared winner and go to Lusaka to leave in luxury while the voters will continue drinking dirty water.

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