UPND not bothered by PF withdraw from pact

The United Party for National Development youths have expressed sadness by the contents of the letter the PF leader has written to its party President Hakainde Hichilema.
Hichilema wrote to the PF leader asking him to come to the round table so that the two Parties can resolve pressing issues.

In the letter, Hichilema is said to calling the PF to discuss the harmonization of the two Parties’ manifestos, how to share cabinet portfolios once in power and select the Pact Presidential candidate.
But Sata is said to have given the UPND the condition that UPND Youth Chairperson Joe Kalusa should first apologise and must be disciplined by the UPND leadership for having “Sata lacks seriousness in the Pact” sometime last year.
UPND national youth spokesperson Brian Hapunda says it is unfortunate that the PF leader has chosen to dwell on a petty issue as a condition for PF to come to the round table with the UPND.
Hapunda says Sata and PF must be reminded that it is the PF who have been on record more calling Hichilema all sorts of demeaning like saying “HH is under 5”.

Hapunda said the PF leadership lacks seriousness & have never been committed to the Pact.

He says that it is very clear that the PF have withdrawn from the Pact adding that their behaviour speaks volumes about their stay and commitment to the pact.

He says that UPND Youths are not bothered by the withdrawal of PF from the Pact.

He says that the UPND is a strong Party built on the cornerstone of National Development and can stand on its own.

He says that the UPND will give Zambians a government that will answer to their many economic and social needs they have been denied by the MMD government in their 20 year old rule.

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