UPND supporter still chained to hospital bed

UPND supporter still chained to hospital bed

Trevor chained to bed in hospital

Trevor chained to bed in hospital

Trevor Mwiinde, the UPND youth who was arrested during a UPND thanks-giving rally in Woodlands is still chained to a hospital bed.

And medical officials have told the Watchdog that Trevor is subjected to inhuman treatment by the police even inside the hospital. Medical officials explained that when he wants to go to the toilet, he has to wait for at least 30 minutes before a police officer could come and unchain him. Medical officials said that the police tie Trevor then go outside or even home leaving him languishing and unable to go to the toilet until when the police officer returns, and there is nothing hospital staff can do.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that UPND officials and well-wishers have raised some money for Trevor to help with bills.

Trevor was arrested more than three months ago when a mob of PF thugs armed with pangas waylaid UPND members who were going to the rally somewhere in Chilenje. Trevor intervened and pleaded with both sides to avoid a blood bath.

But when the police arrived on the scene, the PF thugs accused Trevor of being the causer of the chaos. He was arrested. He has been detained at Chimbokaila without trial until the time he fell sick.

Police got instructions from then deputy Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and arrested Trevor for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

He was initially detained at Chilenje Police station where the charge kept on changing after Kapyongo sensed that the charge he was facing was bailable.

Later when he appeared in court, the charge was changed to aggravated robbery which is not a bailable offence and has since been in detention in what Kapyongo and PF claims should be a lesson to other UPND youths.

The stupid case never attracted any attention at any one point but perhaps, like late Grazer Matapa, Trevor will only make news when he finally dies in police detention without trial.

Well, this is the level of human rights abuse that goes on in this country daily especially for political opponents while thieves at State House are enjoying looted cash walking freely.

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