UPND officials arrested for petitioning acting chief justice to resign

UPND officials arrested for petitioning acting chief justice to resign

Two senior UPND officials were arrested in Lusaka Wednesday morning when they petitioned the Acting Chief Justice at the Supreme Court

They were at the Supreme Court to deliver a petition on behalf of the UPND on Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to step down.

The two have since been released.
The two, party Deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba and Lusaka Province Information and Publicity Chairman Alex Mulenga were detained for four hours at Lusaka Central Police.

They were charged with conduct likely to cause the breach of the peace but the charges were later dropped after officers said they “got instructions from above.”

The two had marched from the Police Service headquarters up to Supreme Court to serve the petition in which they were asking the acting chief justice to vacate her office claiming she was occupying it illegally.

Mr Simusamba, who was carrying a placard written “Parliamentarians and the Zambian people have rejected you, Fumapo Kabiye”, was directed to take his petition to the chief justice’s office and not at the reception where he had attempted to leave it.

He stated in his petition that her being the fountain of justice ought to know that her appointment from the beginning was legally unsound.

Mr Simusamba also wondered how she expected them to have a fair delivery of justice when her appointment seemed to suggest that the Constitution had been suspended and certain provisions like Article 93 (1) had been expunged.

“We note with dismay that your office has not rebutted this unconstitutional declaration, we further note that at government functions such as the recent centenary celebrations of Lusaka, Justice Lombe Chibesakunda was being referred to as “ Her Ladyship the chief Justice”.

In an interview shortly after being released, Mr Simusamba said they are not intimidated by the police’s action.
“We are not intimidated at all.We are stronger than the time we went in,” he said.

Mr Simusamba said the UPND will continue fighting to have Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda step down as she is not qualified.

Earlier, Lusaka Province Commissioner Joyce Kasosa confirmed the development in an interview.

“I can confirm that Mr Simusamba and Mr Mulenga have both been arrested by police at Lusaka High Court premises and charged with the offence of conduct likely to cause the breach of piece,” she said.

Ms Kasosa said her officers were still conducting interviews and other processes which would determine whether the matter should proceed to court and in an event that the accused persons admitted the charge, then they would have to pay a fine and their case closed.

  • Emmanuel Chilekwa Not surprising. Its head-on with the police state agents. We are surely back to UNIP days… where we were warned: UNIP!!! Mulilo!!! Uwaikatako?? Apyaaaa!!! Worst days are ahead of us. For now, only real men and real citizens will be talking. The cowar…See More
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  • Libo Kalonga They r excercising their constitutional right. If u cant understand that may be u r the one that shld instead grow up!
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  • Micky Jericho Nsangwe This is the kind of repression you get when you put a UNIP vigilante in state house. Kaunda told you that his vigilante was not presidential material but you chose to ignore this free advise. Result? If you cough, the police will be knocking on your door to find out why you coughed.
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  • Clarence Moonde Muzyamba P.F Govt is killing Democracy,wake up fellow zambians.
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  • Anderson Wayne Kaputula Only fool can say dat dis rabish regim is takng zambia forward. And nt a partriotic zambian lyk me, wake up u foolz
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  • Edwin Mbewe II So what exactly disqualifies her? And is it only me who feels Watchdog often overuse humour?
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  • Frank Sakala Kasosa must be stupid. how can deliverling a petition threaten peace?
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  • Hector Mwansa The government will do whats right at the right time not because the opposition says so no! Thats not how u govern.
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  • Chibili Twice Mugala she was rejected by the parliamentary select comity,,as she was ova age
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  • Alex Kalenga Dictators at wrk!
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  • Hector Mwansa leaders in Upnd should grow up
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  • Lenganji Lisa Namz I will one day join politics nd thins wil move smothly
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  • Ben Mashati sata used to win cases while in opposition coz he built a strong legal team.but da opposition are alws crying
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  • Brighton Mayondi Chizawu those of u who r sent to protest,dont u have somethn better to do.let whoever sends u to the streets protest for himself instead of sendn/hiring u guys.wake up & do somethn profitable.
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  • Hector Mwansa Hehehe cry babies
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  • Ben Mashati u lose cases and blame chief justice.stop these unnecessary protests
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  • Laundani Banda Very soon retirement age will be 90 under PF gvmt.
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  • Royd Kanyungu Iwe hector mwansa you shud fest grow up yoself,wats wrong with the delivery of the letter,u ar dull.
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  • Derrick Chafwakale So in Zambia we dont hv human right any more..this PF UNIP goverment awe thick dat aresting pipo every nw and then as will take it that they ar right which means u ar shoulding something..
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  • Wagrek Eug Bulaya opposition is full of crap..if they mean well let them form one formidable opposition..they cant coz they are selfish.
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  • Man-ge Kayos Iam in bed fast asleep and what you have posted is in my dream.The two officials are in jail.Let me continue with my dream i’ll update you later.
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  • Joseph Malumo This is wat pamafi knoz best;effecting arrest on inocent citizens! Shame!
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    • Emmanuel Chilekwa Kindly, let’s not insult, otherwise a fool will not know the difference, they are our leaders – at least for now.
  • Kelly Mazyopa zambians missed the whole essence.of change in 2011. i hope as a country we shall learn frm this grave mistake and take appropriate action by voting for leaders who appeal to our hopes rather than those who appeal to our fears. imagine someone threatenin that if you dont vote for them no devlpment that is instilling fear in you.a leader shud instill hope in you. i think it is clear that pf has had no proper plan on how to govern us. the only plan they had was to un seat mmd and nw dey re scared
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  • Hector Mwansa Some people forget easily,just a while back MMD was in massive vote buying
  • Alex Nalumino Namenda Some Zambians are backwards, why they cant even see how chibesakumda wateva her name, she is occupying the office illegal, shame in deed.
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  • Hector Mwansa President Sata is sharp he never does anything without thinking and don’t count myself to b a fool,some of us like to open our mouths just any how without consulting just as it was on the subsidies,little did u know that issue was addressed in the party manifesto.take time to research,everyone knows u the fool.
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  • Alvin Kpadehyea Zambian should try to go by what the consitution say.. because government need to appoint or government appointment should be inline with the consitution n the government should be able to appoint a Chief Justice dat other lawmaker will be willing to work with.
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  • Munir Zulu But what has sata got to do with thr judiciary? If he speaks at the president interferes with the judiciary. He keeps quite at unip vigillante!! Zambia for me i understand
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  • Steve Mulando let justice be our daily point of reference if we to attain democracy in our country. if we worst so much resources on amending the constitution which we dont want to obey then there is no point honestly for investing our resources and our precious time on this song. let us respect the supreme law the land if democracy is what we desire.
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  • Hector Mwansa Royd or who ever u r,thats what am talking about “reason” how can u call me dull hehe that’s very funny hahaha u must b a cry baby like those Upnd cry babies u can’t reason
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  • Hector Mwansa Hehehe sata will go beyond 2016 the man is taking this country forward and cowards know they stand no chance
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    • Emmanuel Chilekwa 100% right if your single vote is all that Sata will need, but, if Sata will require a vote from many other Zambians that are starving and unemployed, then there is a problem for him to cross the bridge with a boat full of holes coz water will sip in
  • Hector Mwansa No Upnd r just full of cry babies,they cry just about anything come on find a better strategy for campaign and y do they want her out? Lets b mature about how we conduct our politics
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    • Emmanuel Chilekwa Hector, take your Dictionary, then read the word “Opposition”, which is even acknowledged as a legal status quo in Parliament… to oppose stupid government actions and pronouncements including appointments. Opposition role is to make government do the right Constitutional acts all the time. Government should be thinking twice for each and every act – coz of Opposition.
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  • Guyson Mweemba Kuchunga is a man!!
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  • Percy Kaoma useless officials,everytime politics.
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  • Martin Vanmart Bance Mpofu Ghana 1 vs 2 Zambia… In kumasi
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  • Ssallat Mpande Nivake ivo
    • Emmanuel Chilekwa Typical unconcerned attitude, sad indeed, how I wish you can go and live in the Northern part of Africa and learn citizen responsibility and accountability in a country
  • Ricky Kachuzu pf police officers r useless jx like their leaders.
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    • Emmanuel Chilekwa No, they are not useless, most of them did not deserve those jobs, save for blind patronage. So, what do u want them to do? Go parallel to the Commander In Chief’s command, then they lose their jobs, then their children suffer??? No man, its the rotten system at play, not the human being. They are just robbots, for now. So, don’t hold hard feelings against Police, understand their predicament, they have families.
  • Aliphas Daniels Banda Pf should just declare Zambia a one party state instead of harrassing the opposition. Coz thats their main agenda to silence anyone opposing them
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    • Emmanuel Chilekwa PF won’t succeed to turn the MMD Clock of multipartyism backwards, the Hour hand of democracy is still at 1 O’Clock and will never move from there.. that’s why they coined “The Hour Has Come” phrase. Democracy has come to stay. Problem is that the PF gvt is full of UNIPists and all they know are politics of arrests, “by-air”, disappearances, torture (remember the Kaulung’ombe stories???). So, bear with them, they are misfits in a democratic dispensation. Believe me, they honestly think they are doing nothing wrong in clamping down on dissenting views… they don’t belong to this era. It’s like teaching Grey Zulu how an iPad App works – its hard, they are used to politics of “stupid idiot, sit down..!!! Iwe minister apo, ninshi wabeyele imishishi…!!!” Efyo bakula nafyo. You can’t see how William Banda has struggled to fit into our modern day politics? They really need earth-shattering deliverance and mind-set shift operation. Otherwise, to them, democracy is

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