UPND on women’s day

UPND recognizes the significance of the International women’s day commemorated world over.
We, however, wish to put it on record that UPND women are not participating in the procession today. Instead, we shall take this opportunity to protest against the continued injustices and abuses of Human Rights we have continued to face under Edgar Lungu’s administration.
The injustices and abuse of Human Rights as indicated below are not a secret but documented and known to all as covered by our gallant Media.
• Our members have continued to be attacked, battered and even detained on trumped up charges.
• On 8th July 2016, a 21 year old Mapenzi Chibulo was brutally murdered in cold blood by police for belonging and participating in party activities.
• On 12th March 2015, another female, youth Priscilla Mwiinga was stripped off naked, molested and beaten badly by known PF cadres in full view of policemen and Woman Republican Vice President Inonge Wina during the youth day celebrations and the case was reported to police but has not been taken to court since last year.
• Just recently, 11 UPND women were beaten by policemen at Lusaka High Court and locked up for simply showing solidarity to their Party leadership during the Presidential petition hearing. Among them was breast feeding mothers who were incarcerated for almost a week away from their infants. They are on bail and appearing before Lusaka Magistrate Court.
• UPND women in Luanshya were beaten and detained for simply showing solidarity to their Party leaders HH and GBM to the extent of breaking one woman’s back.
• In Kasama our young lady Rhoda was brutally and savagely beaten under the instruction of the then Northern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso who has since been transferred to Southern Province in the same capacity.
Rhoda sustained a damaged breast which is said to have turned cancerous and she has since become a cancer patient.
• On 31st December the National women Chairperson Madam Namakau Kabwiku and other women were attacked inside a female ward at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital where they took a youth who was badly injured by PF cadres. The presence of PF cadres traumatised the patients who were left alone as nurses, clinical officers and doctors scampered in all directions.
• In Mbala, Senga Constituency our women were beaten by PF cadres and the officials who went to rescue them were
• Madam Chama Mwamba, wife to our Vice President for Administration GBM was followed and stoned on her mouth by PF cadres in Kasama.
• National Women Chairperson Madam Kabwiku and other women were attacked and stripped naked by known PF cadres in Solwezi East, the matter was reported to Police and has not yet been taken to court.
• National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango and former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa were stoned at an airstrip in Shiwang’andu forcing the chopper to fly out leaving them behind during campaigns.
• Our member Margaret Laima Njobvu a trader at Soweto Market and her sons was attacked and stripped naked by known PF cadres in full of police for supporting UPND.
• UPND women were attacked by PF cadres at the Cathedral of the holy cross church during the funeral of late Princess Nakatindi Wina.
• Hon Princess Kasune was attacked and injured by PF cadres along Makishi road during the 2016 campaigns.
• Lusaka women provincial team was attacked and Chishala Kabaso sustained a fractured foot by known PF cadres welding machetes and guns.
It is for the above reason that UPND has no reason of celebrating achievements if any, made by women under such a survival of the fittest environment.
As UPND, women have tried their best to utilize their skills to earn a living, but life under the PF has become survival of the fittest that even breaking stones along the streets to feed families and pay school fees is impossible as long as you are a known UPND member.
Can I ask all of you to stand up and observe a minute of silence in honour of a young lady Mapenzi Chibulo whose life was cut shot by the PF Police under Edgar Lungu’s administration?

Statement Read by:

Namakau Kabwiku (Ms)
At UPND secretariat

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