UPND, PF to resist restoration of FTJ’s immunity

Former president Fredrick Chiluba has demanded that a special session of parliament be convened to restore his immunity.

Chiluba and his 'damn' friend Rupiah Banda

Chiluba and his 'damn' friend Rupiah Banda

Chiluba ‘s lawyers Robert Simenza and Sangwa on Tuesday wrote to Speaker of the national assembly stating that Chiluba’s immunity was not infinity.

But the Watchdog has been informed that MPs from UPND and PF will resit the restoration of Chiluba’s immunity.

Chiluba’s lawyers contend that the stripping of the immunity was just to enable investigation and prosecution into the allegations of plunder as laid down by late Levy Mwanawasa.

They says that since the courts have cleared Chiluba, the same parliament which stripped him should now cover him with legal protection.

Chiluba is said to be fearful that if he remains without immunity, any aggrieved person can sue him in his personal capacity for wrongs he may have committed during his 10-year rule.

Chiluba’s demand to the speaker is so urgent that he has suggested through his lawyers that if the speaker finds it diffucult to reconvene parliament, then his demand should be tabled immediately before a standing committee.

One MP who spoke on condition of his name being withheld said Chiluba does not deserve to be protected by parliament.

The MP said that the UPND/PF pact will meet to discuss the issue and decide whether to vote for the restoration of the immunity or not but added that he and others will vote against.

The MP said it would be a direct insult on late Levy Mwanawasa for MPs to go and try to protect Chiluba from alleged crimes.

The MP said that the PF and UPND have a moral mandate to resist the restoration of Chiluba’s immunity even just symbolically.

He said the MMD will ‘buy’ MPs to vote with them but said that the fact that some MPs will resist will remain as a badge of shame on Chiluaba and his current backers.

But former Lukulu Catholic Church Parish Priest, Fr. Godfrey Mpundu has expressed happiness at the acquittal of former republican President Dr. Fredrick Chiluba.

Fr Mpundusaystha Chiluba had suffered enough during his trials adding that this is time for him to enjoy freedom as a citizen of this country.

He however said that the Zambian people have to accept the decision made by the Judiciary if peace is to be upheld in the country.

Fr. Mpundu stressed that people should be happy for the former President as the decision by the Judiciary will bring relief and joy to his family.

He has since appealed to all peace loving Zambians to respect and accept the decision of the judiciary as the people entrusted with the law.

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