UPND pleased with Chinese embassy for ignoring PF thugs

We wish to thank the Chinese embassy for turning down an ill aimed solidarity letter by PF cadres. It is gratifying to note that the embassy of China has demonstrated that the meeting between President Hakainde Hichilema and diplomats is a common practice in developed democracies.
We also wish to state that UPND respects the rule of law and People centered leadership in addressing numerous economic challenges our country is faced with.
We in the UPND believe in globalization, international diplomacy and sovereignty our country and as such can only hold such high level meetings with diplomats in public interest.
When UPND takes over leadership in August this year, we will ensure diplomats are free to hold meetings with Zambians as long as international diplomatic etiquette is adhered to.
We sincerely thank the Chinese government for the support and cordial relations we enjoyed with them over the years.

Issued by:
Edwin Lifwekelo
UPND Deputy Spokesperson

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