UPND questions dubious Mulungushi take-over of Nkrumah University

UPND questions dubious Mulungushi take-over of Nkrumah University

The United Party for National Development – UPND has questioned the corrupt take-over of Nkrumah University which is now being run by Mulungushi University and has given Mulungushi University Chancellor dual roles and getting double pay.

In May higher Education minister Nkandu Luo dissolved the Nkrumah University board and directed that it shall be managed by Mulungushi University because Luo and Mulungushi University Vice Chancellor Hellicy Ngambi want to control and abuse the infrastructure development funds to be allocated to Nkrumah, the country’s highest respected teacher training facility which was affiliated to University of Zambia before it became a fully fledged university.

UPND central province youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe demanded that the scandal be reversed because it will lead to compromised standards of education as Mulungushi is equally overwhelmed and is smaller in quality than Nkrumah. Mulungushi became a university in 2007 and was affiliated to Copperbelt University until two years ago. Mwanakmpwe wondered where the Vice Chancellor Hellicy Ngambi would draw the experience and stamina to run two universities at a time.

Ngambi has at personal level failed to run Mulungushi alone as evidenced by the recent pre mature closure when the students protested in May and sources at Nkrumah have said that she has already started frustrating some lecturers at the institution.

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