UPND refused to guarantee Mulongoti govt position

Mike Mulongoti withdrew his ‘endorsement’ of Hakainde Hichilema after the UPND refused to guarantee him a senior government position.
According to sources in UPND, no one solicited Mulongoti’s endorsement but that he went on his own accord to a press conference that was scheduled for Charles Milupi and HH.
“He was not on our programme but he just turned up at the press conference and started talking,’ said a UPND official.
The UPND official said ‘if you remember very well, we circulated a notice that Honourable Milupa and HH will be holding a joint press briefing and you the Watchdog you published that. There was no mention of Mulongoti or any other person for that matter.’
The source said that Mulongoti could have seen the notice and decided to ‘invite himself’ to the event but ‘since we are a democratic and inclusive party, we welcomed him.
The source said trouble started after the press briefing when Mulongoti started making demands that if HH wins, he must appoint him vice-president or give him some other big position.
‘But we told him that it is not morally right as HH will have to appoint people on merit if Zambians given him a chance to run the country,’ the source said.
The source said Mulongoti was informed that the UPND plans to do things differently by offering effective leadership instead of exchanging positions for endorsements.
The source said that, besides, Mulongoti has no following and the decision to let him speak at the event was just out of humanity and kindness.
The source said that the refusal by UPND to assure Mulongoti of a job annoyed him and that is when he went to issue statements.
But the UPND official said that Mulongoti’s statement amount to nothing as Zambians know who Mulongoti is.
In 2012, then Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba described People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulogoti as a political refugee who was hoping to be offered a job after 2011 tripartite elections.
Wynter said that Mulongoti assisted the PF campaign team during the 2011 tripartite elections because he assumed he would be given a job which never came to pass.
He observed that Mulongoti was not given a job because the PF did not consider him to be a member but a political refugee who was seeking refuge in the PF campaign after being chased from the MMD.
“I would describe president Mulongoti as a political refugee and he left MMD to help PF and left PF because he did not see the reward after expecting something in PF and it was not given to him,” Kabimba alleged.
Kabimba alleged that Mulongoti left the former ruling party because he lacked judgement on important issues in the party.
Kabimba who was Justice Minister said it was surprising that politics in Zambia were all about position and not to serve the interests of the people.
He noted that joining politics because of wanting a position was an insult to the electorate.

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