UPND responds to M’membe’s hypocricy

What can Fred Mmembe possibly tell us about hypocrisy.? Does Mmembe even know what the word means? It’s a shame that some people are opinion leaders in this country and abusing that privilege. Anyway the sales of the Post tell the story on what Mmembe has become; vuvuzela. Because opinion leaders must be men and women of integrity.

Lets make this short. Mmembe cannot say we are hypocrites where we condemn by-elections caused by PF while we are expelling MPs. Let us put it this way for you to understand it, because it looks like your intellect is not multi-dimensional Fred. What would you do if one of your employees was in advertising. And you discovered that this employee uses your resources to advertise for another company. When you call that employee for disciplining he snubs you. Knowing you the way we do, you would even kill that employee. We are not going to kill Monde or Siamunene and indeed the others, we shall expel them because they have betrayed the trust of the people. Example, we are against subsidies, are you telling us Siamunene and Monde, Poniso and other serving in executive are with us on this one?

Fred let us reason together here, we can tell you that had your PF addressed the constitution, we would not be having this conversation on MPs crossing. You Fred Mmembe should be discussing the ever decreasing democratic space from the time your party took over Government. You were one of those people that advocated for removal of PoA, have you suddenly lost your voice.

Lastly we demand loyalty, integrity and honesty in UPND, your friends have none of that this is why they are being expelled today, we would have done this even with the constitutional clause that says the next in line would take over. For us we are better off with one MP who is not crooked than 150 Siamunene’s. So we shall crack the whip when there is transgression, that is called fairness. To expose how narrow this argument is, what should we do to members that are indiscipline but are not MPs?


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