UPND’ s plans on tax, NAPSA

UPND’ s plans on tax, NAPSA


By: Anthony Bwalya

In order for the economy to grow, there must take place economywide spending – either by government, individuals or both.

Since the PF came into office, they banked on economic growth spurred by excessive government spending, fuelled by expensive DEBT – $23BN and counting.

At the same time, microeconomic spending by individuals has been strangled over the same period – through HIGHER TAXES, unprecedented INFLATION and KWACHA DEPRECIATION.

Today, the PF government cannot spend anymore.

They have exhausted all available spending headroom, with our national revenue base marginal while NO ONE will lend them money.

So, the UPND will look to reenergizing growth by powering microeconomic spending by LOWERING TAXES and “untying” NAPSA resources so that they are available to contributors NOW!

Sceptics are asking the question of where will the money come from to fund such ambitious plans.

Well, here:

1. Win the war against government corruption – this will give us at least $2.5bn per annum

2. Improve tax compliance – this will net us another $2.5bn per year as we curb tax evasion and tax avoidance

3. Streamline government operations so that we achieve more with less – this is projected to net us close to $1bn per annum

4. Restructure and reschedule public debt – this will net as at least $1.2bn per year

When we succeed with these measures, which we absolutely must and we shall, there is no reason we should fail to give Zambian taxpayers and the microeconomy an estimated $1.5bn tax windfall over our first 5 years in office.

Zambians, the UPND has a plan of rebuilding this country by giving the economic power back to you and your families.


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