UPND’ s plans on tax, NAPSA

UPND’ s plans on tax, NAPSA


By: Anthony Bwalya

In order for the economy to grow, there must take place economywide spending – either by government, individuals or both.

Since the PF came into office, they banked on economic growth spurred by excessive government spending, fuelled by expensive DEBT – $23BN and counting.

At the same time, microeconomic spending by individuals has been strangled over the same period – through HIGHER TAXES, unprecedented INFLATION and KWACHA DEPRECIATION.

Today, the PF government cannot spend anymore.

They have exhausted all available spending headroom, with our national revenue base marginal while NO ONE will lend them money.

So, the UPND will look to reenergizing growth by powering microeconomic spending by LOWERING TAXES and “untying” NAPSA resources so that they are available to contributors NOW!

Sceptics are asking the question of where will the money come from to fund such ambitious plans.

Well, here:

1. Win the war against government corruption – this will give us at least $2.5bn per annum

2. Improve tax compliance – this will net us another $2.5bn per year as we curb tax evasion and tax avoidance

3. Streamline government operations so that we achieve more with less – this is projected to net us close to $1bn per annum

4. Restructure and reschedule public debt – this will net as at least $1.2bn per year

When we succeed with these measures, which we absolutely must and we shall, there is no reason we should fail to give Zambian taxpayers and the microeconomy an estimated $1.5bn tax windfall over our first 5 years in office.

Zambians, the UPND has a plan of rebuilding this country by giving the economic power back to you and your families.


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    Anthony did not need to provide calculations for you. Think of the amount of money Zambia is losing through corruption. Can any Zambian disagree with Anthony on saving KB2.5?

    Government spending under PF is as if they have not run down the Treasury with their recklessness.PF cadres must not be annoyed when somebody is expounding good policies which we have not seen for nearly 10 years of PF rule.

    On Bally fixing it, why dont you ask if you are the only person in Jerusalem who does not know what Bally has explained over and over how he will fix it. The concerned voters know it except you educated Zambian.

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    marvelous! this is what a voter like myself would like to hear. Not what foolish Habazoka was told to say by PF on working shifts for 24 hours in a day.Total madness. Is the issue of our economy perfo5rming so badly got to be with bad productivity? Certainly not. The UPND have plans that make sense.

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    Muwerewere Musemakweri 2 weeks ago

    Mr. Anthony Bwalya learn to be facture when analyzing things. Your post is scrap like talking in tongues. As we head towards election the common man on the street want to hear things in plain language not lecture room like language. Learn to research deeply and consult widely among many intellectuals or professionals it is such disjointed articles which gives ammunition to the likes of Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza. We are out there to put things across which can appeal to the voters. Better leave such matters be put across by tested people people like Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane and others like brother Charles Lubasi Milupi.

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    FuManchu 2 weeks ago

    @ Educated Zambian you’re asking for lecture room theory explanation while in the real daily street life existence only the end result matters! Parties avail general plan overviews and when availed opportunity to form government and budget, then the nation gets details of plan implementation approach and a breakdown clarity of resources mobilization! UPND can have a dream yet to be put into action while PF is at a ten years spent on a dream they have been implementing and needs to be explaining its experienced failure in delivering! The educated Zambians with their different schools of thought by training would spend considerable time arguing analyzing the pro’s and cons!

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    Educated Zambian 2 weeks ago

    Anthony you are as shallow minded as the article you have written, is this all you can write to all 18 million Zambians. Can you please substantiate these figures with calculations and well detailed analysis. Zambians especially the educated ones are not so gullibe to buy into this cheap article without any supporting information. It appears UPND is struggling to appeal to the eyes of Zambians, your manifesto is a cut and paste stolen from other peoples minds. Your leader claims to say BALLY is going to fix it, but HOW? and how can one individual fix the economy alone, i thought this requires collective efforts of all the people not only those in Government but also Zambians everywhere they can be found including the diasporans.Ba UPND there is nothing you can tell us IKALENI FYE and wait for your heaviest defeat in August this year. UMO AKAFWA NA BP