UPND says Canisius Banda went to give Sata a ‘medical report’

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has exonerated its party vice president for political affairs Canisius Banda for having gone to State House to meet President Michael Sata without informing the national management committee.

UPND deputy general secretary Kuchunga Simusamba said Dr Banda had gone to State House because he w…as in possession of a medical report that President Michael Sata had demanded that he should know its contents.

Simusamba said the matter of Dr Banda going to State House and meeting President Sata had been tabled before the national management committee and that the UPND vice chairman for political affairs had been cleared.

He said Dr Banda was not facing any disciplinary charges from the party because he had been cleared by the national management committee.

Simusamba said he was not surprised that the Post Newspaper had made an issue out of it because the newspaper was pushing an agenda of setting its leadership against each other.

He told the Daily Nation that while it was true that Dr Banda had gone to State House without getting permission from the party, it had been established that the UPND vice president had the duty and obligation to meet President Sata over a medical report that was in his possession.

He explained that as a man with a professional medical background and having taken a professional oath, Dr Banda was within his professional right and responsibilities to accept to meet President Sata over a medical report whose contents could not be discussed.

Simusamba said when the party leadership heard that Dr Banda was seen at State House and that had a meeting with President Sata, the party had summoned him and had asked him to exculpate himself.

He said Dr Banda had informed the national management committee of the reasons he had gone to meet President Sata and the party had accepted the reasons and had since cleared him.

He said as far as the party was concerned, the issue of Dr Banda meeting Sata was dead one and that those who were trying to turn the UPND vice president a pariah would not succeed.

He said Dr Banda would remain a vice president of the UPND despite attempts by some media houses working at creating an impression that the party was angry with its vice president.

Simusamba explained that his party would not be responding to insinuations that Dr Banda had other motives of going to State House apart from what he was holding as a medical doctor.

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