UPND says has won Kafue

UPND Takes Kafue.
UPND parallel vote tabulation system has revealed that Kafue has gone to UPND by 700 votes which saw a tightly contested battle. UPN won only 3 urban polling stations the rest going to PF. I was at Mutendere Basic which was one of the stations won by UPND but where PF had a huge landslide in 2011. UPND greatly eroded PF margins of victory in the urban zone such that its rural vote kicked in to wipe out the edge in town. PF indeed is leading on the copper belt and Lusaka but the margins are narrow except for Ndola. In fact UPND good performance in Copperbelt rural rural is likely to level out the urban vote considerably. UPND is performing better even in PF strongholds of the north, but PF is performing miserably in UPND areas of Central, NW Wn and Southern. This the formula that made PF win in 2011 and is now being reversed on them… coming out with zero in 3 major constituencies in the South. Watch this battle unfold as it ain’t over till its over…
Director for Policy and Research, UPND
Cholwe Beyani

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