UPND says Libongani contributing to tension in country

The United party for National Development on the copperbelt says it finds the recent outburst by Inspector general of police Stella Libongani on their President Hakainde Hichilema as completely misplaced and uncalled for.

Kennedy Kalunga, Copperbelt UPND Spokesperson says Libongani should  should come out in the open to tell the nation whether she is inspector general of police or a PF sympathizer. Kalunga said  Libongani’s conduct clearly indicate that she is a PF member.

” ‘We are therefore telling Libongani to focus on her job of protecting Zambians unlike indulging herself into politics,what Libongani should know is that her conduct has contributed to political tension that the country is currently experiencing. Libongani should just resign her position and join politics unlike using the police force to further her political career,’ he said.

Kalunga also said: As UPND copperbelt we also find the recent outcry by the Zambian government condemning opposition political parties that held  press conference in South Africa as a baseless lacking merit.

He said government should know that modern leaders can hold  their press conferences anywhere in the world. He said even the president of America Barrack Obama when he was still campaigning to become US president in 2008 toured German and the middle east and held press conferences there.

He said the PF regime should just take responsiblity for  it’s abuse of human rights that has become very rampant.

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