UPND says Lungu is trivial and petty, working under influence of hard stuff

President Edgar Lungu’s reported statement that our peaceful UPND party is planning to cause violence and chaos next year again shows how petty and trivial he is when addressing national issues.

In fact it is really a waste of time to react to President Lungu whenever he says something because nobody takes him seriously anymore

It is very clear that his statements which are merely hallucinations are always uttered under the influence of whatever strong stuff he takes.

Even if he is basically a caretaker president, Zambians are expecting a little bit more from him than merely going out at night partying and dancing at cocktails where the Lusaka Mayor would have officiated.

As UPND, we are more focused on economic issues currently affecting our people, especially those losing jobs in many sectors and youths without jobs.

We are more worried about poverty, extravagant PF expenditures, corruption at all levels, high cost of living, PF reckless borrowing and other issues affecting our people.

His wild and baseless statement on violence shows clearly why he had ordered his security wings to limit freedoms for other political parties, especially ours, from going out to mobilise our people around the country while him and his wife are busy gallivanting all over busy campaigning.

We really pity the intelligence wings of our country who can be accused of feeding President Lungu what amounts to alarming information.

Every Zambian now knows which political party is the most violent in the country as Lungu himself is a product of pangas and machetes from Kabwe and no one now expects him to champion peace.

Everyone knows the PF has been brutalising citizens including journalists around the country and Lungu has not come out to condemn any of the behaviours of his cadres.

Lungu really thinks our supporters can be that stupid to attack their own party President Hakainde Hichilema in Kitwe and destroy their own secretariat for which PF leaders came out to apologise.

So Lungu has already forgotten that not long ago he even banned PF regalia in buses and markets on being embarrassed that his thugs were causing mayhem to poor marketeers, bus drivers, and innocent citizens in the streets.

And Lungu was not even aware that even as he was issuing alarming statement in Kasama, poor women were being dehumanised and stripped naked for wearing UPND party regalia when the residents were expecting to hear and be shown the cheaper mealie meal and farming inputs in the area?

Lungu and PF Leaders know they are on their way out as no Zambian can give them any votes anytime to continue mutilating the economy and brutalising citizens.

We wish we can say more but perhaps we should also find and take the strong stuff he takes before he utters such alarming statements which we are happy nobody takes him seriously.

Stephen Katuka

UPND Party Secretary General

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