UPND says Lungu should address country on economic deterioration

The UPND would like to add their voice to calls for a Presidential press conference to be held urgently to address the people on the matter of the Kwacha’s rapid depreciation and the continued load shedding.

It is a great shame that under the PF, our Presidents have not taken the time and care to address the people and press directly and answer their questions. Such interactions are important in a healthy democracy, and help develop trust and confidence between the people and the government.

Failure to communicate naturally results in suspicion and mistrust, particularly when it looks like government either does not have a plan or is worried that should their plan be properly scrutinised they will reveal their ignorance to the Zambian people.

If our President has time to play golf and rush off to lavish international dinners, then surely he has time to address us on these important topics and express his sympathy with those who are suffering from the tough living conditions here in Zambia while he enjoys his US$1000 dinner engagements.

Unfortunately for now the PF Government seems to be more intent on supporting other economies through the numerous trips abroad which number 16 in just 8 months. The cost of these trips to the Zambian taxpayer could provide funding for skills training for thousands of Zambians as one example.

Charles Kakoma

UPND spokesperson

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