UPND says MMD agents worked with ECZ in Kasiya bye-election

HHLivingstone UPND district chairman, George Akufuna has appealed to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) not to allow partisan officers to participate in the running of any election to ensure free and fair elections.

Mr Akufuna alleged that three officers, one of whom is married to a named senior provincial MMD official, participated in the running of the just ended Kasiya by elections.

He said allowing such a situation to continue is detrimental to the tenets of democracy and the holding of free and fair elections.

“ECZ should not allow partisan officers to run elections as this results in unfair elections. If elections are not fairly done, a situation could cause chaos in the country when people are robbed of votes,” he said.

Mr Akufuna questioned what led to a tie between the UNPD and MMD votes and suspected foul play.

He charged that there was a two-hour-delay in the collection of election results from some polling stations, the alleged the Returning Officer dismissed as unfounded and attributed the delaye to inadequate transport.

Mr Akufuna, however, congratulated all campaign officials from all political parties for putting up a democratic fight.

And Mr Akufuna has advised Chief Mukuni of the Toka-Leya people in Kazungula district to concentrate on the welfare of his subjects as opposed to engaging in confrontation with opposition political parties.

Mr Akufuna said there are serious socio-economic problems that Chief Mukuni should be addressing in his chiefdom such as the human-animal conflicts.

He said the UPND accord chief Mukuni with great respect and warned that his continuous open support for the MMD party would earn him disrespect when people act against him.

“On behalf of the PF-UPND pact, I request chief Mukuni to stop campaigning for the MMD and to look after his subjects without segregation as the pact is not ready to quarrel with traditional leaders,” he said.

Mr Akufuna said chief Mukuni should consider working closely with the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to ensure that human life and property are protected from wildlife, especially elephants.

He said the Livingstone market and the tourism industry depend on agricultural products that come from his chiefdom and advised chief Mukuni to come up with a mechanism that would ensure the protection of cash crops from elephant attack for the socio-economic benefit of his subjects.

Mr Akufuna further said water and sanitation are also a problem in his chiefdom, a situation that calls for his attention as chief.

And Mr Akufuna has advised MMD members not to pretend to be blind to the PF-UPND pact.

He said the pact has been tested and that people everywhere in the country want change.

Meanwhile, Livingstone UNIP district chairman, Luther Peyton, has described the just ended by election as good and orderly.

Mr Peyton told ZANIS that UNIP has welcomed the election outcome despite polling a total of 16 of the total votes, adding that in any elections, there must be losers and winners.

He observed that it was prudent for people to willingly vote for a rightful councillor of their choice and bemoaned voter apathy in some polling stations where UNIP emerged with zero votes.

He attributed the lower turnout in places such as Martindale, Daka Munyama, and Kasiya polling stations where zero votes were recorded to confusion.

“In most wards, people stayed away from voting because a riot nearly erupted at one polling station where UNIP expected to scoop more votes,” he said.

A UPND candidate was declared winner after the returning officer broke the tie by tossing a lot to decide the winner.

Both MMD and UPND candidates polled 497 each while ULP obtained 110 votes followed by UNIP with 16 votes.


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