UPND says Sata running first grade family tree

UPND says Sata running first grade family tree


The United Party for National Development (UPND) says president Michael Sata has appointed a first grade family tree in his cabinet and all public offices.

And the UPND says the announcement by governemnt that there is a plot to assassinate president Michael Sata are alarming to the nation.

UPND vice-president Richard Kapita told journalist in Lusaka Friday morning that the statement borders on national security aand can cause instability.

He said the accusation that some opposition leaders and retired soldiers are planning to kill government leaders will create hatred against accused people. Kapita said his party takes the allegation very seriously.

He said his party has welcomed the investigation into the allegation. He demanded that the government should keep the nation updated on the progrees of the investigations.

On nepotism, Kapita sai president Sata has appointed ministers and public officials from one region.

He said parliament created the position of nominated MPs so that the head of state can use them balance leadership from all ethnic groups but that Sata used that to appoint family members.




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