UPND says will continue receiving people insulted by PF

UPND is the most peaceful and organised political party in Zambia. Therefore, we would to like dismiss with contempt ranting by renegade former priest and Patriotic Front deputy spokesman Frank Bwalya in Wednesday edition of the Daily Nation newspapers in which he is alleging that we are recruiting hooligans rejected by Patriotic Front.

It is clear that Bwalya’s outburst simply points to the fact that he has realised that UPND is forming government in August, and the only option for him and his PF is to discourage Zambians from supporting the opposition.

We wish to remind Bwalya that his tactics will not work as the people have changed their mind and determined to usher UPND into government this year. We want to stress that we will not stop receiving and welcoming people from other parties including PF.

As the party, we will continue receiving and welcoming them because they are our brothers and sisters and we regard them as ambassadors for change.

This is not the first time we have received people considered inimical to PF vision and aspiration. We have nurtured and made them into sound party members and they have never caused any violence or attacked an airport. Bwalya should remember that the same people PF is calling hooligans were trained and brainwashed by PF.

In UPND, we are peaceful and believe in civil and clean politics unlike in PF where citizens are trained and transformed into hooligans and militias to brutalise and destabilize innocent citizens.

We want to remind Bwalya that the jumping out of PF members to UPND indicates that PF is losing the election in August. The question Zambians are asking is why people are resigning from the ruling party , where there is bread and butter, to join opposition.

In fact, the people of Zambia know very well which political party is more violent. They know which party unleashed cadres to invade Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in full view of State security, broke a cordon and went onto runway.

Has Bwalya got the eyes and ears to see and hear what happened in Sinda, Eastern Province where Patriotic Front hooligans brutalised our members of which one of them had his eye gouged out when PF and Republican President Edgar Lungu visited the area?

We hope that Bwalya knows that Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport is an international airport and acts by PF cadres to besiege it was against civil aviation authority act and international convention on civil aviation and yet Bwalya did not find it fit to condemn such gross misconduct.

As UPND, we are right now focused on liberating the country from PF mismanagement. Our messages are key pillars among others to reduce poverty; provide affordable electricity tariffs and prices of fuel; and develop agriculture and small scale businesses which has been killed under PF.

As our campaign machine rises to the top gear en route to unseat PF in August this year, Bwalya will be thrown into political dust bin. Bwalya must release that UPND has serious issues to address and the party will not waste it’s time to respond trivial matters being raised by Bwalya, who ‘defected’ from the pulpit.

Issued by

Chairperson for Information and Publicity

Hon. Charles Kakoma

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