UPND scaring HH for their selfish ends

UPND scaring HH for their selfish ends

UPND scaring HH to their benefit.

Now a servant of the people is refusing to shift to a cheaper house. State House is has historical meaning and security protocol. That baraks infront of State hoses is not for decorations. Secondly, security protocals at State House are expensive; in millions of dollars. Who is going to foot that bill to install at his House ? We will have the Jacob Zuma situation in Zambia or he will have poor security at night? Even the PF President and ministers when they got power and claiming to be clean did the same, it lead to a lot of abuse of State coffers.

Trump had a better house than the white house, but he respected the nation. Even our on Kavindle had to move when he was veep to a smaller govt house.

The true reason is not even comfort as the UPND SG general puts it, but fear of witchcraft in State House. All former President have resisted shifting to State House. Nomba witches can’t get you at home? I am ignorant on this subject despite coming from Luapula. Let me come and smoke in there all those charms will disappear sir lol it’s true. Shift sir its to be strong, ebu President.

Someone commented yesterday that certain privileges come with some discomfort. Let the professionals do their job and trust them or else the circus we saw at inauguration of embarrassing the Army and state security detail will continue in many areas. Please realise you are not only President for UPND but the great nation of Zambia; why is UPND announcing state protocols? Upnd should not hold the President captive by making him fearfully all the time.

Ka last, you have picked and suctioned your economic advisors without being sworn in? There is a reason why those advising the President are made to take an oath publicly . Catch up fast sir.

Yours truly cousin to your new son Kinsley malembe.

Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

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