UPND seeks to expel MPs aligned to PF

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) is seeking to expel its members of parliament who are aligning themselves with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party.

According to UPND secretary general Winstone Chibwe, the party is carrying out investigations through a disciplinary hearing and will expel any members found to be courting the PF.

Chibwe has since charged Sinazongwe member of parliament Richwell Siamunene with gross misconduct contrary to article 7 (b) of the party disciplinary code of conduct.

Chibwe says Siamunene was required to appear before the disciplinary committee to exculpate himself.

“Reference is made to my minute dated July 5, 2012 in which I leveled charges against you with an instruction for you to respond within seven days from that date. I have since received your response dated June 12, 2012 of which I am not satisfied,” stated Chibwe.

He accused Siamunene’s wife of attacking the party leadership.

“Your wife further indicated that the president hates you and that he wants to grab the little piece of land you own in Zimba. It was also indicated that you are so popular in the constituency to the extent that even when you stood for elections as an independent candidate, you performed extremely well,” he said.

“Numerous adverse reports have reached my office about your conduct in the constituency. This prompted me to send a team to visit the area. The district had raised some of these issues with you in the minute of March 24, 2012 to which you have continued to ignore,” he stated,” Chibwe stated.

He said any member who will be found wanting on displinary charges will be asked to leave the party.

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