UPND senior official betrays HH to PF demons


Dear Watchdog Editors.

The following information has been made available by senior sources within the Zambia intelligence services.

The information is aimed at arming Zambians with the truth about why the police at Force HQ want to interrogate President HH.

Zambians are reminded that the duty to defend our democracy is not the responsibility of HH but that of each and every Zambian.

Hakainde Hichilema is being attacked by mafia elements within the PF, using our state police, to hijack our democracy.

The PF have created a big time Syndicate which Stephen Kampyongo approved without the knowledge of army Generals and Intelligence agencies . The aim is to fix HH so he doesn’t appear on ballot. They Cooked evidence of information which they are claiming to have UPND Secretariat found at the secretariat.

Some UPND senior person is working with the State to create evidence against HH on fake charges. The truth is that the said documents were planted at the secretariat using a named senior member of the party. This lead to the arrest of a man by the name of Rasta and he tortured and interrogated, and coerced into giving false evidence against HH. They have created a host of fake witnesses against HH.

This entire operation was declined by the Intelligence Agencies and Generals who advised President Lungu not to go ahead with arresting HH because the evidence was manufactured, at best not properly prepared. Stephen Kampyongo, in his usual Katondo style, refused and overlooked the intelligence Advice and formed his parallel team to deal with the case.

Here is a composition of the men and women tasked by Stephen Kampyongo to deal with HH and are all from Police Force Headquarters in Lusaka and some of them were involved in the treason charge.

1. Mr. Ngulube newly appointed deputy Director CID with the hope of being appointed commissioner Of police.

2. Mr. Nsofwa with the hope of being Appointed Inspector General of police

3. Mr. Tembo to deputize Mr. Nsofwa,

4. Mr. Mufaya Assistant Superintendent to be in charge of Ops deputy officer in Hage Operations intelligence 216

5. Mr. Mboneka to be new Deputy SPIO

6. Mr. Chifuta to be in charge police admin in Staff office

7. Mr. Mwila new intelligence officer eyeing the office of officer in charge Ops

8. Woman chief inspector Mundia girlfriend to the SPIO in charge to be assistant superintendent.

9. Mr. Bowa new officer from copper belt promised to be officer in charge C1

10. Insp. Uyoya Shimunza promised assistant superintendent.

This is a crime against democracy in Zambia and all those who will participate in this scheme will forever be remembered as enemies of the people of Zambia, and at the right time, justice will be served.

All police officers are urged to desist from taking and executing Illegal orders by Stephen Kampyongo.


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