UPND should get clearance from me before they go back to Shiwang’andu-Kampyongo

Home Affairs Deputy Minister and Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo has said that the UPND should not go back to the area without his clearance.
Kampyongo maintained that the UPND should consult him as Member of Parliament and other stakeholders before they go back to hold a rally in the area.
This follows the UPND’s vow to go back to Shiwang’andu after their earlier attempt to hold a rally was violently stopped by the PF cadres.
He claimed that the UPND was free to hold meetings in the area but should consult him and the police before they could proceed so that the police provide security.
When the UPND campaign team was attacked on arrival in Shiwang’andu the police was present and it took them an hour to secure the area from panga welding PF cadres.

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