UPND should resist M’membe’ sick tricks

UPND should resist M’membe’ sick tricks

By Correspondent

It is obvious the leader of the Socialist Party Dr Fred M’membe has a clearly defined message to injure, albeit in vain, the political fortunes of the United Party for National Development and it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema. M’membe has designed an anti-UPND slogan ‘Lost Five Times.’ He has come on the political scene with the same personal arrogance he is known for.

We cannot take away from the fact that M’membe is an intelligent man but deprived of emotional intelligence. The failure by the public to strongly rise up in defence of The Post Newspapers was on account of his own personality traits through which he injured many people, including his erstwhile allies. He sustained an attack on the UPND and the Tonga people of Southern Province through a very uncouth, politically disjointed approach, coining the term ‘Bantustan’ against them. The people of Zambia, not only those from Southern Province, are fully aware of the destruction M’membe is capable of doing. He is kind of politician who is self consumed, prideful and unrealistic. His reading of the bigger picture is poor and the current campaign message is the kind he is; unable to correctly read the times hence his many previous alliances with political figures, including the late Levy Mwanawasa; all for the purpose of self serving interests. He has a poor definition of allies and friends. His approach to politics is similar to the attack on the Pearl Harbour in 1941 that provoked the USA to finally join the war.

I urge UPND not to lose focus of the ball. It has a bigger issue to deliver to the people of Zambia than responding to M’membe’s diatribes. There is a saying, ‘When you get kicked at the rear, you know you are right in front.’ UPND is undoubtedly in front and M’membe has placed his political hopes on decamaoigning UPND. He has grossly miscalculated. Attacking UPND at this point in time is scoring your own goal because public sentiment is in its favour and it’s huge, very huge. M’membe knows the fact hence his constant attacks on the party that has done nothing, completely done nothing, against him. And the Socialist Party.

Yes, UPND has taken an attempt on the Presidency of the country many times before. What M’membe is ignoring is the fact that UPND has remained a consistent and powerful opposition party for the same period of time, something nearly impossible to achieve in Zambia. Some parties have come and gone, others alligning themselves with the ruling party to feed off the crumbs. UPND has grown in size and is destined to finally take over power. M’membe will be lucky, really lucky, if his Socialist Party manages even three Members of Parliament in this election. Only then will he eat humble pie and if the closure of the Post did not expose his frailties, this election will.

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