UPND’ social contract with the people

UPND’ social contract with the people

By: Anthony Bwalya

Yesterday, the country witnessed something never seen before – a solid commitment by and from the government in waiting, to honor its campaign commitments with a social contract.

This is the perfect example of the Zambian people taking full control and ownership of the UPND 2021 project – placing emphasis on the fact that as citizens, we owe ourselves a higher duty of care to do what is right for our country and ourselves.

Zambians are reminded, that the growing chorus around the demand for social contracts between political parties and the people, concerning campaign promises, has been born out of the growing culture of incompetent individuals making promises and campaign pronouncements they cannot possibly follow through with.

We have a parte in power that had, and still has, zero concept of what it means to govern for and on behalf of the people. This is why, since 2011, their focus has been on the rapid accumulation of ILLEGAL WEALTH for themselves, their families and friends. And while they have been at it, they have sold off our country to foreigners in exchange for:

1. Cash money in US dollars, put away in foreign bank accounts

2. Splash properties in Dubai, Swaziland, Cape Town, London and around Lusaka

3. Expensive cars

4. Rare whiskey from around the world.

This is how come they have become super pompous and think they can steal the 2021 vote using stolen money.

We must never allow them the space.

By signing a social contract with the people, the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema are simply giving power back to the people and saying we are open to transparency and accountability in the manner that we project ourselves and further committed to honoring our commitment to build a Zambia that works for all.

This is the starting point to restoring trust and credibility between a political party, its leadership and the people.

We are committing ourselves to:

1. Prioritizing j

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