UPND starts preparing for Mpongwe bye-election

The united party for national development (UPND) says it is not surprised by the defection of MMD chairman for elections, Gabriel Namulambe.

UPND secretary general Winston Chibwe says Mr. Namulambe’s defection is not surprising because his party saw it clearly by the conduct of some MMD officials during some joint meetings.

Mr. Chibwe however states that his party is disappointed that Mr. Namulambe has decided to create an unnecessary by election which he says will gobble huge sums of tax payer’s money.

Speaking to QFM, Mr. Chibwe further states that the UPND, will start preparing ground for participation in the forthcoming Mpongwe parliamentary by-elections.

And when asked if the UPND is considering going into a loose pact with the MMD, Mr. Chibwe states that his party is not in any alliance with any political party on electoral matters.

And in a separate interview with QFM news, expelled MMD national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe says his party stands no chance in the Mpongwe by elections whether it goes in as a pact with the UPND or not.

He has however wished the MMD the very best in the forthcoming by-elections.

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